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/ March 14, 2022

How Do I Become A WordPress Developer?

When Ben is not with the FreshySites team you can usually find him hanging out with his wife and four children in Upstate NY. Forking or adopting an existing project is a good way to get more experience without reinventing the wheel. There are a lot of WordPress themes and plugins with good concepts that get abandoned due to a lack of time or funding. These extensions may still have an active user base, which means your project will have a ready-made audience. If you’ve been in the community for a while, then you’ve probably stumbled across a few abandoned themes or plugins. Alternatively, you might have clients who want to modify WordPress, for example by adding new functionality.

  • A WordPress developer’s salary depends on various factors, including your level of experience and the company you work for.
  • So, before getting into the official work field don’t forget to know how to become a freelance WordPress developer.
  • Staffing agencies will place you at different companies in temporary or permanent positions.
  • WordPress developers are responsible for both front end and backend development for content produced using the WordPress platform, often on behalf of a client.
  • The site boasts over 6 million job postings and 17 million freelancers.
  • You might want to try developing widgets, start creating your first theme or plugin, or go down a different route entirely.
  • Existing plugins and themes aren’t providing what you need, so you want to create your own.

How long does it take you to complete each task on your current task list? Remember to include extra padding time as well as a reasonable estimate. To calculate your hourly rate, you must add all of the estimates. Additional considerations may need to be considered before you can make a final decision on the cost.

Section 5: Find Free Tutorials Online

If all these requirements are fulfilled, jobs will feel more fun than tiresome work. Your career in WordPress can bring all these things together because everyone has a part to complete. For them, we will suggest a blog here- How You Earn Money as a Developer.

How to Become a WordPress Developer

Before starting any course on WordPress, you should create a free account. So, if you already have a site, then consider not opening another one. You can do some little experiments in tests without any hesitation. This language is pretty simple and requires less coding to generate a good layout. You can use this language for the starting point of your static web pages.

Step 7: Create Your Technical Resume

A technical resume is made up of a few key sections, including key skills, professional experience, education, and projects. If you have sparse or no information to put under your professional experience because you’re just getting started, that’s okay. Just make sure to beef up other sections with clear illustrations of your skills and personal projects. Like a portfolio, a technical resume is an important part of any job application for a WordPress developer role.

They need to be in constant communication with clients during the development process about any data or files needed to get the site up and running. Whether you’ve decided you’re ready to apply for a wordPress development bootcamp or you still aren’t sure which coding program you want to attend, Career Karma can help. In this article, we’ll go over the essential functions of WordPress, along with the benefits it holds over other platforms. We have also curated a list of the best courses to learn WordPress, and the best resources to keep your skills sharp. We have even included some excellent reads on the subject that will help you become a WordPress master.

Best Royalty Free Image Sources For WordPress You Should Check Out

And while you might expect us to say, ‘absolutely,’ we recognize that sites like WordPress play an absolutely essential role. Instead of choosing one over the other, we think you should do both. If you want to continue, you’ll have to buy an All-access Pass for $19 a monthAt WP101, you’ll find tailor-made teaching approaches and coursework. You’ll have plenty to learn with WP101’s tutorial library, including plugins such as Yoast and JetPack. WordPress 101 is the easiest way to learn how to use the Gutenberg Block Editor in WordPress to build your own beautiful website. WordPress is such a popular platform because of how it empowers novices to build entire web pages.

How to Become a WordPress Developer

By using this form you agree that your personal data would be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please fill the required fields and accept the privacy checkbox. Let’s recap everything you need to know to be a WordPress developer. When a project is complete, you should send the client an invoice that lists your work, the date it was delivered, the final price, etc. You can create one using invoice generators, such as Cashboard, Zoho, and Invoices.

As you learn, you may also experiment with the coding on your website. Make a widget, create a backup of the site or integrate data from another site. WordPress developers compiled a list of resources for developers, including a code reference. Developers may also review API handbooks, plugin and theme development tips or information about the block editor. Professionals with intermediate experience with WordPress may benefit more from this resource list because it often features slightly more advanced tutorials.

WordPress features a global community whose main goals include improving the platform and helping others who are learning how to use it. Consider browsing social media groups, online forums or even Middle WordPress Developer job live conferences. Talking to other developers and WordPress enthusiasts might help you better understand the platform and provide you with a support system if you require guidance or tips.

WordPress: Courses, Training, And Other Resources

It’s okay if you have yet to create anything for your professional portfolio. Plugins are packaged extensions of code that enhance the features and functionality of WordPress. WordPress developers create custom plugins based on client requirements. https://wizardsdev.com/ Creating and experimenting with your own WordPress website may give you practical experience with understanding how the platform works. Consider making pages or blog posts, experimenting with design and formatting or adding widgets and plugins.

“They sometimes have more weight than a fancy portfolio site, especially if you’re interested in back-end development,” he said in a follow-up interview to his WCEU session. For a broader overview of what WordPress developers do, you can check out the services page of WordPress design agencies. Research, strategy setting, and action planning should always come before beginning any activity.

WordPress Services

Exactly the same rules apply if you wish to work as a WordPress developer. Prior to beginning your preparation, you must determine the industry or area in which you intend to excel. All you need to do is get started, identify your area of interest, and start working on it. Before we go into the WordPress developer roadmap, let’s look at some reasons why you should think about a career in WordPress. It is one of its kinds of networking opportunity where everyone is a winner. Hence it is inevitable for you to join a WordPress community to become a WordPress developer.

Since WordPress developers work extensively on UX and UI, they need excellent web design and development skills. A WordPress developer’s responsibility is to ensure the website they build is functional, responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible to all users. WordPress developer can be extremely prosperous, as well as a fun career choice. The more projects you get involved with, the more courses you complete, and the easier it will be for you to build an attractive WordPress developer portfolio. If you are a freelancer or if you want to work for an agency, then creating a stellar technical resume is also a good idea. A testing environment typically provides you with a private area where you can develop and test plugins, themes and other features.

A 2022 study by W3 Techs indicates that 43 percent of all websites on the internet use WordPress . Although the software is free, many people hire professional WordPress developers for high-quality website design and development. The following article explores the role of a WordPress developer and how you can become one in just three steps. WordPress is a website-building platform that requires little to no coding experience for the average user. Some users may require additional technical assistance after building their websites, so they consult WordPress developers. If you’re interested in a career in IT and customer service, you may benefit from learning more about a WordPress developer career.

Spend some time reading successful developers’ blogs, follow them on social media, share your thoughts and feedback, attend events, and listen to talks. You can stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, announcements, and new releases by networking with other developers. You need to understand the technology if you want to start your career as a WordPress developer. As a developer, you will need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript at a minimum.

Because they allow users to completely customize their site without touching a single line of code, WordPress themes are incredibly popular. Some are free, while others are premium and range from $60 to $200. You can set up a local or remote environment, where you’ll store all your WordPress plugin and theme files along with the WordPress core files. This will enable you to test and view changes in a browser instantly. While it will look the same as when you’re visiting any other site on the internet, the files will actually be called in from your computer, not your site’s hosting server. Once you’ve got the basics of coding down, start reading up on WordPress-specific resourcesto understand what makes this CMSunique.

WordPress plugins for a website are developed by Plugin developers. Learning how to become a WordPress developer can seem out of reach if you’re new to the field. However, WordPress is actually one of the best places to learn development, thanks to its approachable nature and vast, supportive community. However, a better option is often to ‘adopt’ a plugin or theme that’s been abandoned by its developer. This also lets you experiment with existing code, and you can even resubmit your improvements if you like. You can find a more in-depth guide to taking over existing plugins here .

You’ll mostly find opportunities to work as a freelance or contract employee. Staffing agencies will place you at different companies in temporary or permanent positions. According to BuiltWith, over 60 million websites on the internet use WordPress.


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